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Before School Care


Before School Care begins at 7am each morning and runs until 8:45am.

The children enjoy a breakfast of juice, cereals and toast whilst they socialize and get to know each other.

The children take part in group games as well as personal time on the computers and interactive Wii console.

They children are also provided with assistance for their homework, reading or practice with instruments.

After School Care


After School Care begins as soon as the school bell goes.

The children take part in sharing time where we discuss our day, the past weekend or the future weekend. All children are encouraged to share and if needed bring items to show the group.

Children then wash their hands and enjoy afternoon tea which typically consists of a fruit platter and then a small snack like biscuits, spreads platter or soup in the winter months.

Our main activity varies depending on the day the children attend but can be sport, cooking, technology or art & craft.


Vacation Care


Our Vacation Care programs have been the highlight of our business and have received much praise from the local community.

We have regular trips to the cinemas and bowling. We have also been to Melbourne Zoo, Arthurs Seat Maze and Scienceworks.

We have many incursion partners that frequent our holiday programs. They provide activities such as billy carts, wildlife shows and interactive drama sessions.