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My son started his education at Seaford primary school this year. As a full time working mum I needed to utilise a Before and After School Care Service. I had spoken to another mum whose children went through kinder with my son and she told me how much her kids really enjoyed being a part of the environment and loved the activities that take part every day. Most times her children told her not to pick them up late and not to take holidays over the term break as they really like going and didn’t want to miss out on Vacation Care.

A good suggestion I received was that I book my child in over the school holidays so he could get used to the surroundings and some of the students before the first term commenced. It proved to be the best decision I had made. Zach loved the activities and the educators right from the beginning. Zach is an only child and I was terribly worried and nervous about leaving him with new people. The Elysium OSHC staff made my son feel comfortable and part of the group from the very beginning. They made him feel welcome and assured me that I could call any time and see how his day was going.

When I picked Zach up on the very first day I asked him how it was he said that it was really great and he couldn’t wait to go tomorrow. I hadn’t planned to book him in the next day but since I could see the excitement on his face I did so.

The Vacation Care program that Elysium OSHC run is always interesting and not repetitive. All the children are encouraged to actively participate – dressing up and bringing related items in. As an only child this is a great option for Zach as he gets to enjoy playing with the other kids in a highly social and engaging environment. Zach’s favorite thing to do at the program are the excursions. Zach has been to the museum, movies, play centers, parks and a farm. All of these activities have been with many children, which gives Zach another valuable experience I would not normally be able to provide him without use of the program.

Elysium OSHC also regularly has incursions that allow my child to be educated through exciting activities such as, chicken hatching and rearing, hip hop dancing, tinkering with electronics and silly science.

Before and After School Care is something that I have needed to become quite dependent on over the last year. The activities are themed around what is happening in the world and are inspired by the experiences and knowledge of the children. Zach often is quizzed by the educators on what his interests are, which are then used to form weekly themes and activities.

The staff at Elysium OSHC take their titles as educators very seriously. They teach the children about social behavior, good sportsmanship empathy and diversity. The educators are always available to help the children understand their homework and assist in reading with them.

I have found the program to be individualised and delivered in a safe and encouraging manner. The staff at Elysium OSHC really enjoy what they do and I believe this is reflected by how much the kids enjoy being there. I can see that the children and the school community have a great deal of respect for the staff.

When I finish work early and go to pick up my son I sometimes have to wait, as he wants to finish his activity and is usually disappointed in the fact that I am there too early. He has now asked me to not take holidays over term break.

I would recommend Elysium OSHC to any parent needing care for their child in Outside School Hours Care.

BSC: 7am - 8:45am

ASC: 3:30pm - 6pm

VAC: 7am - 6pm


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Child Care Benefit Information

The Cost of OSHC Care

Costs of OSHC care vary, but typical fees would be from $15 to $22 per per session. There may also be additional charges such as fees for:

  • Late collection

  • Late payment Fee

  • Excursions and special outings during holidays.


Child Care Benefits and Rebates are available for eligible families using Elysium OSHC.